Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Thoughts

Windows 7 Mobile

I found the following article in PC WORLD which I thought was amazing. I can definitely see mobile phones being the future and for Microsoft to screw this up is incredible. Below is an except and the link to the full article.

Windows Phone Reloaded: Can We Trust Ballmer's Promises?
Microsoft promises multitasking, HTML5, and more for its underperforming mobile OS

Yesterday, Ballmer announced that Windows Phone 7 would be updated late this year to make Internet capabilities a "first-class citizen" (his words, not mine, though it's nice to see him agree that the early version was second- or third-class). Ballmer promised that Microsoft would address the features currently missing from Windows Phone 7, such as HTML5 support and multitasking.

Microsoft previously said it will add cut and paste to Windows Phone 7 this year as well. Not so clear is whether Microsoft plans to fill in all the security and management holes that disallow its use in most corporate networks, such as lack of VPN and on-device encryption, as well as substandard support for Microsoft's own Exchange ActiveSync policies (it supports fewer of those policies than any competing platform).

What Ballmer is promising to deliver -- multitasking and HTML5 support -- are basic capabilities that should have been in Windows Phone 7 at the outset. Apple's iOS, Google's Android OS, Hewlett-Packard's WebOS, and Research in Motion's BlackBerry OS 6 (introduced with the Torch last summer) all do. This is Microsoft just finally getting the basic in place, not an advancement that should get people excited.

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NHibernate Resources and Video Series

If you are interested in an ORM and would rather get a colonoscopy then use Entity Framework 4, below is a set of resources for nhiberate. Summer Of Nhibernate

.MARK Is Human

Ok I made a mistake in my muppet blog post which was corrected by Doug Henning. I apologize for the mix up as the blog should has stated when you run the program the "RUN TIME" not the compiler will catch the error.

Doug Wrote: "One correction: you stated that the VFP compiler will catch a missing property, such as your x.doesntexist example. However, it wasn't the compiler that caught the error, it was the runtime. You didn't get the error when you typed or saved the code, but when you ran it."

Active VFP

An anonymous commenter left a link to a VFP web project on codeplex. If you missed the link in the comments here it is again. Active VFP On Codeplex

Have a great weekend.

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GT said...

After my experience with VS.NET (all versions) I promised myself not to use anything Microsoft anymore if there is an alternative, this is why we use Android and iPhone at home, Windows Phone 7 is maybe a very good OS as Microsoft said, but again, they said so much about VS.NET before, and it was all not true.