Friday, February 18, 2011

.SEX - Get A Microsoft MVC Programmer Laid Benefit Drive!

I found this useless post from a true MVC cheerleader. Unfortunately he is pretty much clueless like so many Microsoft MVC guys are but thinks he is holier then GOD himself. The Microsoft MVC community as a whole for the most part, while there are a few exceptions like Scott Hanselman, have this GOD complex attitude that drive me insane.

What I truly do not understand about the Microsoft MVC crowd is that, MVC is not new, exciting or different. Microsoft copied this paradigm folks! Moreover some of these same MSFT MVC cheerleaders that beat the hell out of Ruby, now think that MVC is just "it". When truth be told, if they understood the web forms model, classes and when/how to use web services they would understand there isn't anything wrong with the WEB Forms model. Webforms is in fact an innovation over open source offerings, the problem is Microsoft failed to complete web forms and get all the bugs out of it, but what else is new.

With Web forms you can write the web forms pages so you can get reusability, clean urls and routing if you want. You can also use CSS, Javascript and Jquery as needed. The only thing lacking is some test driven development which IMHO is not much to write home about for the majority of the web projects. With the controller code some developers are writing along with messing around with EF as the "model" in MVC it is a complete sham what they are advocating. The BOTTOM LINE is MVC is WAY MORE WORK!

If you been reading any of my blog posting you should have picked up on the fact I STRONGLY believe in solution focused software development with an emphasis on efficient tools, lean purpose driven frameworks, reusability and the customer NOT writing code! Which is my entire problem with Visual Studio, .BLOAT and MVC that is plumbing code centric development!

Anyway I started thinking I really shouldn't mock this misguided code happy fellow or the Microsoft MVC community, instead we need to help them. Let's show them there is more to their pathetic life then getting an erection while watching a Scott "the dot" Gu webinar or jacking off to their 2 millions lines of code they wrote in MVC, which they wouldn't have had to write if they used webforms.

Given there is no way to rationalize with the die hard MVC cheerleader, we need to take a different approach. So the approach I want to try is to get them laid! Yes, in other words, Let's Create The First Annual "Get The Microsoft MVC Development Community Laid Event!"

Is this is a great freaking idea or what!

We will raise money to fly the Microsoft MVC development community down to Vegas for a night of fun with something other then their Nerd Diner Cookbook, which by the way is the holy grail of Microsoft MVC.

Please contact me if you would like to give to this great cause or want to nominate an MVC programmer for our help. Remember it is better to give today to get them laid then have a Microsoft MVC dude be your boss tomorrow!

Until next time

Happy Coding.

Here is a helpful tip. A lot of these MVC guys are HOUR billers! They love MVC because the more code they have to write the more hours they can bill. Folks seriously, if you are a client looking for a programmer to build a website and someone starts throwing the term Microsoft MVC around, be sure you get a quote from a webform and PHP programmer as well. In 99.999999999% of the cases "THERE IS NO END USER BENEFIT TO MICROSOFT MVC." Look Microsoft MVC is a sewer that you throw your time and money down instead of releasing a solution. Do not let these Microsoft MVC people bullshit you! Be sure to do your homework and compare quotes. If somehow the Microsoft MVC guy is the cheapest, tell them you want it fixed bid with a price and time guarantee. Moreover, I would really like to see the quote, heck I will review for you for FREE!

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