Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Visual Studio 'NOT N-TIER READY'

While surfing my usual list of blogs I found an entry that I almost fell out of seat, not because of the content was great but due to the fact an honest Microsoft Manager MAY exist. Milind Lele a VS data manager wrote "... code we generate in Visual Studio 2005 is not N-Tier ready....". Isn't that what I been stating since I started my blog. Perhaps he reads DOTBLOAT? I appreciate Lele's honesty perhaps other Microsoft Managers and VPS should stop the spin and take a lesson from Lele.

Microsoft today was fined 1.3 billion dollars by the EU, this judgement should erase any doubt regarding Microsoft's business practices. Not even Microsoft's dream team of attorneys could save Microsoft from the brunt of the EU fine.

There is nothing wrong with Microsoft being a Monopoly as long as they fulfill their ethical responsibilities, which is exactly the problem with Microsoft. The means they are employing to keep their dominate status is immoral, unethical and in my opinion illegal. Microsoft treatment of the VB and VFP community is a perfect example, they killed these languages so we will use Visual Studio and .BLOAT. Microsoft's actions are like playing Marco Polo with Helen Keller then bragging they won. Isn't it long past due for the US Department of Justice to get involved as well?


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