Saturday, February 23, 2008

Microsoft's New Legal Troubles

Class Action Lawsuit Gets the Go Ahead
According to CNN a Class action suit against Microsoft gets greenlight. Suit says labeling of some PCs as "Windows Vista Capable" was misleading because many could not run all of Vista's features.

The same could be said about Microsoft's Claim Visual Studio is a Rapid Application Development. Anyone know a good class action attorney?

EU Doing It's Job
The EU has opened two new investigations into Microsoft's abusive dominant practices. More importantly .NET is part of this investigation, an except of the story is listed below along with the link.

".NET. A programming language used by Microsoft to build its software. The EU investigation will try to verify if this code is made in a way that prevents competitors from developing their own languages freely. Java is one of the most famous alternatives to .NET and is developed by Sun Microsystems. "

I'm urging all developers, especially Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic, to contact their government representatives and various government agencies with regards to Microsoft's decision to stop development of Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic programming langauges and to emphasis in the communication the negative economical impact Microsoft's actions has on not only developers but third party VB and VFP vendors along with our customers with Visual Basic and Visual FoxPro applications. Microsoft's actions are an obscene massacre of their ethical responsibility to the Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic communities and businesses with Visual Basic and Visual Foxpro applications. With any luck the EU or US Government will get involved in Microsoft's seemingly abuse of power.



Anonymous said...

I emailed my rep this evening. After some digging The Department Of Justice consumer complaint department and European Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS) are two avenues worth pursuing as well.

Mike said...

I sent an email to the FTC. With any luck we'll get a sympathic ear.

Trapani said...

Your missing the point. The point is to prevent the Microsoft Gorilla from cramming its lousy .net products down everyone's throat squeezing out linux by joining vs apps to the windoze os through .net, that is what is going on. Such behavior is illegal and immoral but it's worked well for m$ so far, so m$ won't change unless forced to do so. Write the ftc and doj. Enough is Enough!

Anonymous said...

As a company if MS chooses not to develop a product its their choice. They have instead provided a host of next generation languages with the openness to support anything you can build on the CLR.

Too many people like you dont understand whats involved. The 8th and 10th grade schooling in America cant even compete with the same level kids in Europe and Asia. Its sad that rather than correcting the education system you choose to make ethnic and racial slurs.