Thursday, December 9, 2010

Donn Felker Android and MVC

If you read my prior post I picked up an android phone over the weekend. This morning I checked out some android videos here is the Google Android Sessions video link if you are interested. There is some cool stuff being discussed if you are into mobile droid development or at least curious about it.

Then I went browsing around the interweb for some books on the subject and I came across a book and blog by Donn Fellker. He seems like a knowledgeable fellow, so I googled his name and came across an article he wrote for code magazine. Granted I am not a fan of CODE magazine by any stretch of the imagination, but his article summed up exactly what I have been blogging about perfectly with regards to MVC. I hope I don't upset Donn by reprinting an excerpt of his article here but it is definately worth sharing. (Donn if you find my blog and want this removed just let me know - I will still buy your book anyway :) )

Here is the link to the full article.

The point being is this, the Microsoft Cheerleader Squad led by Scott "The Dot Glue" are trying to convince developers that MVC is a productive development environment with their pride and joy showcase application, Nerd Dinner. Look don't buy into! While I don't know Donn personally or what his opinion is on Microsoft MVC but at a minimum, his acknowledgement that MVC html code gets "ugly" even with the "simpliest" of tasks is a breath of fresh air amongst all the hype that is being spun.

The bottom line Microsoft MVC is such a mess Microsoft rushed razor out the door and it is also the reason for the birth of the spark view engine.

Happy Coding!

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Donn Felker said...

HI Mark,

I don't mind that you posted the article content, its A-OK with me. :) I'm not sure if code would mind, but I doubt they will.

Thanks for the comments/links/etc.

Just as a point of clarification: Spark View Engine was created before Razor. Razor was an after thought of Microsoft. What's interesting is Lou, who I used to work with, now works on the ASP.NET Team and they did not adopt Spark internally for various reasons (I speculate its due to legal issues and open source).

That said, they developed Razor View Engine. As I've said to many colleagues before - its a lot better than the Webforms View Engine, but it's not even close to being on the same page as Spark. Spark's partial mechanism is phenomenal.

If you ever get into Rails, you'll see how similar it is to Rails partials and such. Very clean implementation.

Thanks again for writing!

Mark Gordon said...

Hey Donn,

I found alot of good info on your blog, I spent a lot of time on it today. Even your MVC post about your project where you used webforms was grounded in fact and an interesting read.

I recently made the switch from Microsoft Tools - for the most part - into open source so I am just getting into php, rails and playing with mobile. I haven't used spark.

I'm trying to stay retired but I need to find something to stay busy with so the wife doesn't kick me out of the house. :)

Thanks for the comments

donnfelker said...

No problem! Give rails a shot. Its a great learn and fun. My advice is to install rails 3 and use the Rails Guides (getting started) as well as watch the Rails 3 series. Rob has some great stuff on there.