Saturday, November 8, 2008

Visual Studio Cheerleading Squad Exposed

Over the past couple of years I have read countless blogs written by Visual Studio cheerleaders, after awhile a pattern is established that most cheerleaders fall into:

1) The A-Team: For the most part, these people know what they are talking about from a programming standpoint. However, because they are tied financially to Microsoft by being an employee or consultant they are forced to carry the company line and spin the Visual Studio product the best they can.

2) The Hour Billers: This category of cheerleaders is made up of consultants and consulting firms that advocate Visual Studio solutions. It is not wise for them to speak negatively about the development tools they use to construct their solutions. The increased time to build a product amounts to increased revenue since they bill by the hour so they view suck factor as a positive.

3) The Rookies: Developers that have only used Visual Studio and claim what a great tool it is make up this category. Their opinion is null and void given their exposure solely to Visual Studio.

4) India's programming population: Recruited and hired mainly by Soma, Self Proclaimed American Job Exporter. I believe there is a law in India where if you are convicted of speaking negatively about Dell, Microsoft, Soma or Visual Studio your punishment is death by stoning. I further believe honor killing is legal in the defense of the above stated entities.

5) The Radicals: This is the scariest group of them all. These individuals are simply "want-a-bees" that will do or say anything in an effort to make the "A-Team". Microsoft can tell them dog shit tastes good and they will eat it, ask for seconds, lick their fingers clean, and agree it is the best tasting thing they ever ate. Their defense of Microsoft and every Microsoft product can be compared to how islamic extremists defend islam and the koran. Wonder if Bill promised the radicals 75 virgins or, in their case, Bill probably only needed to provide a free copy of Vista Ultimate for their soul. After giving this a second more thought then it deserves, isn't the reality of the situation these people are even more pathetic then that and simply cheerlead for free?

To give you a look at what is coming up on DOT BLOAT. I’m going to start ripping Visual Studio apart from a technical perspective. I will have more material to work with then Bill Gates has dollars.

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Anonymous said...

Poor taste, entertaining and true. The radicals ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Stop your BS propaganda. Don't write stuff that you have no proof about or data to backup. Targetting people from a certain part of the world and writing false statements about them is uncalled for. Why don't you simply use the product that you like and leave others in peace.

Mark Gordon said...

Please tell what parts of my blog you feel is BS propaganda, unlike Soma and GU I will defend the factual part of my posts. Your comment is part of the reason for my Mark hits the Mark blog entry.

With people like Soma, Microsoft and Dell outsourcing jobs to where the cheap labor exists it is no wonder why America is in a finanical melt down. Every single flag loving, GOD fearing American should be as furious as I am about outsourcing and Microsoft's actions.

I would like nothing better to use my perferred Microsoft products however Microsoft killed off the best two development tools they ever released, Visual Basic and Visual FoxPro. I'm now forced into the bloated world of Visual Studio. Convince Microsoft to bring these products back and I will pull down my blog tomorrow. Since I'm forced against my will to use Visual Studio in order to deliver a Microsoft based solution I'm justified to share my opinions of how really bad of a product Visual Studio is. I'm ethically and morally obligated to be the beckon of light that shines the truth through the Visual Studio smoke and spin.


StevenBlack said...

Just discovered this blog.

Here's another archetype:


See, it costs MS what, maybe $150 per year per MSDN subscription?

If so, then for $150 per year MS can make almost any developer tow the party line by anointing them MVP, giving them $150 worth of product, and they'll zip-it for a whole year, and never say boo for fear of losing the perk.

I personally know at least a dozen or more of those Bought Cheap. You know who you are.

Another benefit for MS: those Bought Cheap are flooded with software DVDs such that they'll never have time or inclination to look (or think) outside the box.

"Each man has his price Bob
And yours was pretty low.

-- Roger Waters, "Too Much Rope"